Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Libor VlasákOur company celebrated the 20est anniversary of its foundation this year. We had to respond to the economic situation of the market always during the entire existence of our company. There have been changes in terms of the strategy, the products and of course also the employees. Therefore, even after 20 years of our work we are bringing a new product in the construction industry to the market. It is a construction in the form of Construction Management.

It is a new form of construction which brings great savings to the investor, solving the infamous change requests at the construction site which stem mostly from imperfection of the project, representing a complete subcontractor system of construction and a financial means flow on the construction site. I don´t want to explain the system in details within these few lines but if you are just a little bit interested, contact us and we will be happy to make a presentation for you. We think that this is a new way of building construction in the future