Construction activity
The company provides deliveries of construction civil facilities as schools, kindergartens, universities, business centers, administrative buildings, sport halls, winter stadiums, swimming pools, waste water treatment plants and sewerage networks. As for the industrial constructions, we implement the construction of industrial plants and individual operational and production halls, further industrial plants and individual operational and production halls, further (liquidation of ecological burdens, recultivation and revitalization of areas) and administrative buildings.

Our main customers are private companies, developer companies, municipal and regional administrations and state institutions.

Project and Design Management
In the projects, in which we represent an investor, we provide Design Management (preparation and management of project documentation) ) in the first stages of their implementation, where we coordinate the projection work following up the technical and price solution.

In the second stage, we offer our clients a complete service in the area of Tender Management (Organizing and provision of tenders) ) where we choose the contractor of the construction.

In connection with preparation and realization of tenders we provide Cost Management (management and inspection of project costs) which optimizes the project costs.

In the last stage of Project Management we implement Quality Management (Investor´s technical inspection) where we carry out the inspection on the authority of the investor.

Construction Management
Is one of possibilities of implementation of constructions where we prepare together with the investor a complete subcontractor system of construction delivery. This system of construction is intended especially for the private sector where the investor gets involved fully to the pricing process of the construction.

The advantage is a maximum openness when making the price of the construction (Open book) and thereby lower costs on the construction. We have had experiences with this form of implementation of constructions and we are able to present them personally.